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Olive Leaf Stud

The Olive Leaf Stud is hand cut from gold-colored metal, then polished to an almost mirror-like shine. These stud earrings may be small, but they catch the eye as fast as they catch the light. They can be worn alone, or match them with other earrings in our Spring Collection!

Each pair of the Olive Leaf Studs create 1 hour of work for women in the Himalayas. 

Want to place an order? Click the link below to become a wholesaler and start your order! Please note we do ask for an order of $500 for first orders! 

Product Info

CM - 0276b


Brass - colored leaf

Brass-colored metal post

Rubber backing 



Order Process & Shipping

Find pricing and place your order in our Wholesale Store. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to confirm the details. 

Orders take 3-6 weeks to process, then up to 10 days to ship. 

Placing an order for more than 200 pieces? Contact us and we can offer teired pricing. 

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