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150,000 people Per Year are trafficked in South Asia  

44% Are women

Dignified employment holds the key to keeping people free! 

Preventing Human Trafficking

Every product supports a woman in the Himalayas affected by human trafficking - offering her an alternative to non-dignified work.

In turn, she earns money that supports her family and community - reducing the risk of human trafficking for whole villages.

Quality Products

Every hand that touches HFC products deserve quality and respect.


We love making beautiful, handmade products because they bring joy to the lives of those who make them and those who buy them.

Made Sustainably

We are surrounded by the largest, most beautiful mountains in the world.


We respect the communities and environments we work in. We work with locally available materials and recycle all metal scraps in order to reduce waste.

But the impact goes so much further! 

How can dignified employment affect a community? 

And we have big Goals! 

10 Years

10 Offices

More offices = More impact

By establishing more offices in the Himalayas we can reduce the risk of trafficking for whole communities. 

One office is already established, and another one is on its way! By becoming a wholesale partner you sustain these offices, helping more women, families, and communities break the cycle of poverty and live a life of freedom.

10 Villages

Follow the Impact

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