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Sari Earring

Our Sari Earrings are made from up-cycled scrap sari fabric. We use the bits of scrap from other products and craft them into unique sets of earrings - no two sets are the same. Our earrings also celebrate the Himalayan culture, featuring vibrant colors and intricate designs. These earrings are super light yet make a bold statementEach Long Heart 

Earring creates 1 hour and 20 min of work for women in the Himalayas.

Want to place an order? Click the link below to become a wholesaler and start your order! Please note we do ask for an order of $500 for first orders! 

Product Info




Brass-colored wire 
Brass-circlular stud

Brass-colored post

Upcycled sari

Silver-colored wire
Silver-colored circle stud

Silver-colored post


2 ¼" long

Order Process & Shipping

Find pricing and place your order in our Wholesale Store. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to confirm the details. 

Orders take 3-6 weeks to process, then up to 10 days to ship. 

Placing an order for more than 200 pieces? Contact us and we can offer teired pricing. 

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